Learn English with LIZARDS! – Aprende Inglés con los LAGARTOS!

Welcome to our post about LIZARDS! Let’s venture into the world of reptiles. Get ready to learn about these incredible creatures that crawl, climb, and sometimes even change color! 🦎🌿

Younger kids:


 – Reptiles for Kids


 – Lizards for Kids

https://youtu.be/LPm3rgEct_4?feature=shared – Blippi Meets Reptile Friends

https://youtu.be/sQespETRVa4?feature=shared – The Lizard Song

https://youtu.be/gp5ndYZUVvE?feature=shared – How To Draw A Lizard

Older kids:

https://youtu.be/xzGBQgdBEbM?feature=shared – All About Lizards

https://youtu.be/28FzV5OHqMU?si=SQ-_bLkEdcCzHLc7 – Largest Lizard on Earth

https://youtu.be/1TO-i_gEKfA?si=NRLUilwG4C8pFWYS – Exotic Reptiles In The World

https://youtu.be/iPYfw0Inyug?si=B-PU3fpqH12eDhHq – All My Lizards

https://youtu.be/3rqhqFH3T1U?si=UmYs8EvY7p8_vy0y – Legend of Lizard Man