Learn English with LAPLAND! – Aprende Inglés con LAPONIA!

Welcome to our Lapland Christmas blog! Dive into the holiday magic as we explore the snowy landscapes, meet Santa’s reindeers and discover the festive traditions of this enchanting Arctic region. Get ready for a sleigh ride of Christmas cheer in Lapland! 🎄✨

Younger kids:

https://youtu.be/Baj-TL-DKGU?si=wqB0owlLCXASBKvN – Things to do in Lapland

https://youtu.be/afmxtMzRrCA?feature=shared – How to draw Santa’s sleigh

https://youtu.be/7d5rKjvhQvg?feature=shared – Santa video message

https://youtu.be/xr7HWnc8umc?si=ovVfkhvvM18Yir0R – The Invitation 

https://youtu.be/HSmsq2iq4bQ?feature=shared – Santq Claus is coming to town

Older kids:

https://youtu.be/U3tGZVjA29U?si=b8NuXamNtCc3o6Ad – What to know before visiting Finland

https://youtu.be/AOtQGseKk_g?feature=shared – Lapland

https://youtu.be/-cHVgd5d0B8?si=AKTH_lVHuOftRs8C – Artic Circle train

https://youtu.be/DE5NV6Mr3ZA?si=1MZXTFTSbqtlEWUw – Instagram vs reality: Finland ski resort

https://youtu.be/nCUEu0zWSmk?si=sHevj_TzN36NWT24 – How Finland became the happiest country