Learn English with BARBIE AND KEN! – Aprende Inglés con BARBIE Y KEN!

Welcome to the world of Barbie and Ken! Come along on a fun adventure as we dive into the adventures of these famous dolls while enhancing our English skills. So, put on your pink outfits and let’s get started!

Younger kids:

https://youtu.be/vmUxyG9fZjw?si=4MPve9UUUmFRGbR1 – Dance like Barbie


Barbie as The princess and the pauper lyrics

https://youtu.be/k68WV-1iESw?feature=shared – Barbie princess charm school (movie)

https://youtu.be/f7sPy7ByXk0?feature=shared – Watch Barbie Dreamhouse

https://youtu.be/RU40pxzj0io?si=py9f1BLC5_OOCCYz  – How to draw Barbie

Older kids:

https://youtu.be/Kb7jYOYXiVc?si=NuLDmW3xO_Nk4_nf  – Barbie trailer

https://youtu.be/EmbORje5Pno?si=BLkAlmZUVvMtMfhV – Curious Barbie facts 

https://youtu.be/xdLdIYZIm1Y?si=ZWGDC8-YfdhirpQO – Becoming Barbie in real life

https://youtu.be/3SKhG-3LkrI?si=Poz1YL2pCQuKu4nf – Barbie outfits

https://youtu.be/3UiZLj_jC-E?si=Yo3BbJQR7Q-IehFd – Barbie girl (lyrics)